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Posted in Fallout 3 Glitches Posted October 23rd, 2009 2 Comments

Get Infinite Experience in Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Glitches

Infinite Experience

This is an experience glitch in Fallout 3. Follow the tutorial below to gain infinite Experience…

1.)  Go to Big Town and find the NPC named Pappy. 

2.)  Select the dialogue choice “You came here with Bittercup, right?” If this dialogue choice doesn’t show up, find Bittercup, exhaust all of her conversation chains, and then try speaking with Pappy again. ([Speech 100%] should appear next to the dialogue choice if your Speech skill is at its highest. If it’s not there yet, don’t risk trying to convince him. Speech failure will result in this glitch permanently disappearing.) 

3.)  Selecting that dialogue option successfully will net you six experience points. Speak to him again and you can get the experience again. Repeat as much as you want for as much experience as you want.

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2 Responses to “Infinite Experience”

  1. cruz Says:

    its pretty coo but dat shit takes for ever to get a single level

  2. zach Says:

    I love this glitch it better if you level up with it and have the perk that allows you 10 extra points after leveling up i got from level 1 to 14 in 1 hour

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