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Play Split Screen with a Guest in the Gears of War 3 Beta

Play Split Screen with a Guest in the Gears of War 3 Beta

Source: Se7enSins

This process is similar to splitscreen with two gold accounts, and is very simple.


1: Start up any game you can play with a guest online, Halo reach, left for dead, black ops will do.

2: Sign in a second controller as a Guest in that game.

3: Navigate to quick launch and start up the Gears of war 3 BETA.

4: Press start on the title screen with your gold account.

5: A Pop-up will ask you kindly to turn of the second controller. DO NOT.

6: At this point you find a Friend or recent player who is on the Gears of war 3 BETA and join their session.

7: one of two things will happen. You will join their session along with your guest.
Or it will not let you join and instead put you in a lobby with your guest.

8: If you are in a lobby with your guest dont worry the pop-up wont come up and you can safely search for a game. Have fun.


When either you or your guest press the start button to change options etc, the opposite players screen, who will still be able to continue playing, Will turn black and white along with going all blurry, this wil stay like this unless you both pause your screens at the same time and un-pause at the same time. This is the only major bug i can remember when playing. Ive been playing splitscreen for about 24 hours now. Enjoy. Any questions feel free to ask.

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