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Force Jump in gears of War

Gears of War Glitches

Force Jump

On Host

A way for the host to Forch Jump and Force Mount has been found, use the video below, created by evilKIMARU, for reference…

Non Host

Newer Methods
Video by xPandDxProductionsx

1) Go to an object you can jump over.

2) Hold forward and quickly press Down+A.

3) If you hover/levitate over your object hold forward.

4) If you see your guy jump in mid air mount to a different

object, not the one you jumped over, if you jump to the same

object you will not Force Jump, but instead Force Mount.

Older Method
by bradley2123 (Chaotic Perfection)

Force Jump/Mount Tutorial (Easy, but you need

1) Kill another person. (The person must be either killed by a headshot or downed and shot)

2) Have the host move the body in front of a ledge that you want to jump off of. (If you’re not the host then you will see a fake body)

3) Once the body is in place then push “A” twice to jump off the ledge and you should eventually roll off and float in the air. (The body has to disappear on your screen)

4) You should be mounted elevated on an object across the room.

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