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Various Glitches in Cestus Fire

Youtube Description:
Cestus Of Fire Glitches!! These are basically weapon “breakouts”, it turns out that you can make every weapon that Kratos has, to do the functions of each other. I havent yet tried out all the possibilites, need more time to do a thorough test.

There are more combinations to try, and will be interesting to see if any of this can be integrated with other weapons Kratos will get in the actual game. These breakouts hopefully might be the first seedlings into a possible high jump/infinite jump, Ive not yet tried any of that at all. But plenty of time for that another day!

Points Of Interest:
1. If you break out of the Fire Bow by selecting the Cestus, you can use the Cestus as the fire bow. A “Cestus Fire Bow!”

2. You can do (some) moves that are supposed to be done with the blade, but instead are done with the Cestus! At the start of the vid, the moves you see where Kratos is swinging the Cestus about actually are moves that belong to the blades. The Cestus doesnt normally have this move. (Not in this vid but you can actually roll (briefly) while having the Cestus on, this is as absurd as rolling while having the Barbarian Hammer in GoWII.)

3. You can break out of the Helios “head-holding” animation by selecting the Cestus a split second before Kratos pulls out the head. By doing this, Kratos uses the Cestus as if it were the head.

4. Sweet spot at the start of the game, you can jump up on that tree with a simple double jump.

5. A bit of footage of killing a few enemies with the Cestus Fire Bow.

6. I loved this glitch, using the Blades as a fire bow. For some reason when you have the “Blades Fire Bow”, you break out of the cutscene where you meet the first harpy. You are free to shoot all the way through the cutscene, this in turn screws up the harpies AI. It normally flies away to the other side of the small gap. So I guess this could be a small speed run strategy if done right. Will be interesting to see if any of this will be useful when the actual game comes out? (Not in the vid, after a while of using the Blades as a “Blades Fire Bow” the blade started to detatch from Kratos’ hand far out in from of him (away from his hand and body) but still attached to the chain which resembled a steel wire.

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