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Posted in Halo 3 Glitches Posted August 24th, 2010 2 Comments

Immovable Item Dummying Glitch/ Levitation in Halo 3

Text Tutorial: First go into forge (you have to be non-host for the glitch to work) and then make the immovable item that you want to dummy. To dummy the item, make sure your looking at the item while in forge and then press ‘up on the d-pad’ and the ‘A button.’ (You want to press the A button the at the exact moment when you change back into a person, so you will pick up the item for a split second.) Then, if you did it right, you should be able to move the item around on your screen and on everyone elses it will be in the same spot.

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2 Responses to “Immovable Item Dummying Glitch/ Levitation”

  1. Halo 3 Glitches | Past Death Barrier Says:

    […] (Be careful not too many) 5. Have the non-connection host dummy the turret. (Heres a Tutorial on Dummying) 6. Have the person who just dummied the turret get on it. 7. Now have a friend get in a tank (or […]

  2. Gamer Glitches Says:

    Wow, I always wondered how you could get the objet to be a dummie. Very cool glitch! Will link to it!

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