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A Basic Aimbot Glitch in Halo: Reach

I will be telling you how to get a basic aimbot without a JTAG, Transfer Cable, or Flash Drive.You Can use any weapon with this, but the Sniper Rifle works best.

You will need:
•Sniper Rifle
•Passenger in Revenant
•Group or Friends (Optional)

You can start off by getting the Sniper Rifle on Hemorrhage. (Any Map with Revenant) Then, you will need to get in the passenger seat of the Revenant. Next, when you get close to the enemy, shoot when the reticule is red. The last step was obvious, but the range of how far the reticule is from the player is larger, so you don’t really need to aim at their head.

Now you can get some kills! If this has already been posted, I have not seen it before. if you need help, please feel free to send me a message on XBL: Niinjjaaaaaaa.
Please nominate this for the “Tutorial of the Month”.

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