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Posted in Halo: Reach Glitches Posted April 4th, 2011 3 Comments

A Weird Glitch dealing with the Plasma Launcher in Halo: Reach

So in a game of Forge pick up a Plasma Launcher and shoot one of the other players with it, before the bullet explodes have the other player turn into forge mode and the bullet will be floating in midair and when the other player turns back into a human they will blow up. (You can use this to kill another player)

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3 Responses to “Plasma Launcher Glitch”

  1. spartan 013 Says:

    ok you can do this glitch in halo 3 with a plazma grande and it can back fire cause they can use forge to go after you and get you a suicide

  2. aidancol Says:

    yes but i have a new glitch in halo reach i saw on a video you can place a hologram and swap teams and it well never go away plz test

  3. RoboHampster117 Says:

    Make a killball,and then put a 1×1 block over the core of the ball and walk through

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