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Pit of Death in Zealot

This is just a quick (and very noob friendly) guide for people on how to get into the pit on the bottom of Zealot (Or more so this is also to tell you it’s there, as most people don’t even notice it) If someone could take some pics for me that’d be great, as my xbox curently will not display video >< Step 1: Get to the bottom of zealot, under where the red and blue lift are, this is the lowest point on the map you can get to without forging. Step 2: Turn into "editor mode" if you are not already in it, and look at the ground, at the center there is a large glass like cirlce in the midle of the "room" Step 3: While looking through the glass, place a receiver node, if it is not already through the glass, try and push it through, if it does not apear behind the glass, delete it, get as close to the glass as you can, and try again. Step 4: Once you have your teleport postioned behind the glass, Press "A" to place it Step 5: creat a sender or two way node, and place it on the map, then go through it. Step 6: Injoy the pit, and have fun throwing people in there in custom games ^ ^ A note, you CAN NOT go all the way to the bottom without dying, as there's a death barrier. Though this can be annoying, it can also be very fun in custom games, forcing people to go into the pit and die (someone make a sparta gametype )

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