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Fall down from the top of the Map in Skate 3

Fall down from the top of the Map in Skate 3

In order to Perform this Glitch you need to know how to Super Jump

Once you have the super jump glitch down just keep doing it until you get pushed under the map (this is much easier to do in a online game) once he is falling you should see him twitching, this only happens for a few secs but once you see this you have to bail (Rt, Lt, Right Joystick, and Left)., At this point you should launch up from underneath the map.

Note: The longer you wait to bail, the higher you go, but you have to bail before your guy stops twitching.

Note: When you first launch in the air: Hold up on the Left Joystick and Do Not press anything on the Right one until you reach the peak.

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  1. Skate 3 Glitches | Super Jump Says:

    […] *Note: Once you have the Super Jump down you can Perform the Skydive. […]

  2. Daniel greenwood Says:

    Another easier way to fall below the floor is to do a laser flip instead

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