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How to RTE for Halo: Reach

Source: Se7enSins

IF RTH is not the same thing as RTE then this is for RTH and someone should change my threads title but i dont see a difference


Ascension w/ RTE
RTE .xex’s
Crossover cable or Jtag and PC connected to the same router

If your PC’s network card is good enough you dont need a crossover cable, only an ethernet cable.

Step 1:

Get your Reach on your HDD or USB using any program that can do that (XeXMenu, Freestyle Dash, …)

Now Copy the 3 .xex’s (RTELauncher.xex, RTELoader.xex, default.xex) into your Reach folder..

Step 2:

If you have Jtag and computer connected to the same router you can skip this.

If ANYTHING is wrong in this step please correct me im not good with networking.

If you are using a crossover cable then on your computer, go to your network adapter settings, find your adapter for LAN, go to settings, there find “TCP/IPv4”, hit settings, and now set your ip address to something..( e.g ) and your Subnetmask to

Go to your Jtag and go to the network settings, give your self a static ip adress( e.g. , this must NOT be the same as your PC), set your subnet mask to and your standardgateway and dnsserver to your PC’s IP adress

Step 3:

Go on your Computer, open Ascension, go to “Edit”, “Settings” and under “XDK Name” you enter your Jtags IP adress (either the one you put before or find it on Freestyle Dash or something..)

Step 4:

Open Ascension on your Computer and launch Reach using the RTELauncher.xex..
You should get a notice saying “Ready to accept connections” and then “Listening”

Step 5:

After you started a game in Reach, open the map you are on in Ascensions and start poking values :D

Im going to add Pictures and a Q&A for problems in a bit..

If you still cant get it to work feel free to send me a message or post in this thread for help..

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